Gold Rush Season 14: When is it Coming? Cast, Release Date Prediction

Let us discuss the Gold Rush Season 14: When is it Coming? Cast, Release Date Prediction and reviews. The makers, as well as the viewers of the show, are all set for the release of the Gold Rush Season 14. The show aired on Discovery Channel back in December 2010. Since then, the show has had a total of thirteen seasons, which have already been released. The latest season will be added to this list as the 14th season. To know more details about the latest season, read the further sections of the article.

Gold Rush Season 14

Gold Rush is a reality television show from North America that follows the journey of various miners and how they get gold placers from their mines in the Yukon region in Canada. The miners can be experienced or yet achieve experience while they take the road of mining in hopes of getting gold deposits. The first episode of the show was named Gold Rush: Alaska, while the show was later renamed Gold Rush.

Till the thirteenth season of the show, a total of 340 episodes have been released and have gained huge popularity among its viewers. The show has a vast base of loyal viewers who have constantly been following the journey of all the miners participating in the show.

When is Gold Rush Season 14 Coming?

The spectators have enjoyed the previous seasons of the show and are eager to watch the Gold Rush Season 14. The show is produced by Dimitri Doganis, Mike Gamson, Tom Sheahan, and James. The trailer for the latest season was released last month on YouTube.

Gold Rush Season 14

The first episode of season 14 of this show has been aired on Discovery Channel op the Discovery Channel. The makers have not announced the total number of episodes in this season. Apart from Discovery, you can also watch the live stream of the show either on FuboTV or Philo.

Gold Rush Season 14 Cast

You can spot Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets among the other cast on the Gold Rush Season 14. Parker has been a part of the show since the first season. He appeared as a guest star back then and became a part of the show in the second season.

Tony made his debut along with Rick in the second season of the show. He has featured in around 159 episodes since the time he has been associated with the show. Rick had been a part of Parker’s team till season 8 and then continued separately from season 9.

The above cast will be accompanied by Chris Doumitt, Mitch, Kevin Beets, Dave Turin, Monica, and Tyson Lee, among others. It will be exciting to watch who among them will be able to take back gold of maximum worth.

Release Date Prediction of Gold Rush Season 14

With Gold Rush Season 14 already airing on various platforms and channels, fans are in anticipation regarding the release of the next episode. Be prepared to watch the live stream of the next episode of the show on 10th October 2023. All the new episodes of the show are aired every Friday.

It will be the fourth episode and will have a lot of exciting events. Rick would be trying a new miner, while Parker might experience a lot of ups and downs. On the other hand, Tony Beets will have to face the flooded creeks in the quest to get his hands on gold.

Reviews of Gold Rush Season 14

Gold Rush Season 14 has been rated 7.2 stars on IMDb, meaning that the audience is enjoying it. The show has gained a lot of loyal viewers who have been watching the season throughout the long thirteen seasons and are now here to know about the latest one.

Spectators are fascinated and interested in following the journey of how the participants are able to mine gold through various adverse situations. However, some of the fans also feel that the earlier seasons of the show were more engaging and would love to the thrill back in this season.

Grab your popcorn and turn on the television to watch the latest Gold Rush Season 14! For more such updates related to entertainment, continue browsing our website.

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